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Sound creation

Hearing is often perceived as the poor sibling of the five senses, yet it is an integral part of our daily lives. It allows us to capture a multitude of natural or manufactured sound universes, which despite their apparent immateriality, are indeed tangible and captivating.

The various aspects of sound creation are numerous and can be declined in many ways. Sound spatialization, sound effects, electroacoustic music, Hörspiel and musique concrète are some examples. For our workshops, we decided to focus on Foley art, a discreet step, but so essential to making a film.

By participating in these truly fun workshops, young people will have the opportunity to discover a world of sound while developing their own listening skills. They will create team projects that encourage collaboration and their perception of hearing will be forever transformed!

All our workshops are modular and adaptable to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss and establish a game plan that suits you!




Cinema for the ears!

In this workshop, young people get involved in one of the least known stages of making a film, Foley art. Using everyday objects, their voices and their own bodies, they will practice Foley Art, a technique that has remained protected from the various digital transformations, for the duration of a project. Even today, the sound effects of the greatest films are made from tangible and real elements.

Workshop available for primary cycles 2 and 3 and high school.


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Erik Beck
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