Sound art is by nature interdisciplinary. It can be, among others, performative, installation and immersive. For example, it can be part of technological, sociological or environmental research. Through various exercises, participants will experience the spatial, plastic and phenomenological dimensions of sound. They will be introduced to types of audio recording such as field recording, voice in interview situations, object and amplified gesture.

In addition, an introductory guide will be given and will complement the practical workshops while serving as a theoretical and technical reference.

This training is intended for any artist who wishes to enrich his or her practice or a specific project by exploring and deepening the language of sound. No previous skills are required. Through an individualized approach, artists from all horizons will have the opportunity to explore the world of sound language through the use of professional audio equipment and certain other devices.



At the end of the training, participants will have created a sound bank, a personal sound library, as material to be used and reused for their future projects or in production. They will experience in a concrete and creative way their intuitions as well as their doubts about the medium of sound. They will be better equipped to understand the technical and conceptual stakes of a sound production.



Magali Babin is an interdisciplinary artist with a practice in audio art. She is interested in the exploration of space as sound matter. Between haptic proximity, acoustic landscape and life contexts, Babin searches for her materials and creates atmospheres made of sequences, textures, and perspectives. Her work deals with imperceptibility, which requires vigilance and attention through listening. In her recent projects, she addresses perception and memory by questioning our identity relationship to sounds. As a composer, sound artist and curator of audio art events, she has performed at numerous international festivals in Canada, the United States and Europe. Her sound installations have been presented, among others, at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (Triennale Québécoise 2011), the Mois Multi (Qc. 2012), the Louise and Reuben-Cohen Gallery of the Université de Moncton (2012), La Fabrique (Nantes, France 2013) and the Maison de la culture Maisonneuve (2015). Magali Babin is currently pursuing her research as part of a PhD in Études et pratiques des arts at UQAM. She is the recipient of a grant from the Fonds de recherche Société et culture du Québec (FQRSC).


Cost: $125 (actual cost of $740)
Duration: 15 hours
– Friday, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
– Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm (1 hour lunch break)
– Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm (1 hour lunch break)