Residence for research and creation in virtual reality


Following a residency at the Sherbrooke-based company Imeka, which specializes in brain imaging, Stéphanie is interested in the relationship between biology and technology as well as medical research on the brain to better understand how it functions and the diseases that affect it. Méandres proposes an incursion through the connections of white matter in a virtual reality experience.

We move through this mysterious and labyrinthine universe of fibre bundles that encompass us like a forest to explore, but this fragile environment will be affected by our presence and behaviour. The brain is a world that is still little explored, representing a new frontier to be crossed. The conquest of this territory implies thoughts on our relationship and the impact of technologies on biology.

Artist’s text

“Inspired by genetic manipulation and by the greater presence of chips, implants, prostheses and invasive manipulations in the human body, I propose an incursion into the heart of the brain, through the connections that traverse the imaging of white matter and the border zones between living matter and technology in a virtual reality experience.

The work will be a labyrinthine journey through the meanders of the brain (that of the artist), with abstract imagery of the brain’s connections as a forest to be walked through, dotted with abysses, implants, tumors and viruses, to reflect on our current and future relationship between the living and technology. The sound, with its figurative aspect, will suggest trauma, memories, places and interactions.

Between body and mind, the work will propose a tension between a physical and a psychic representation of the brain. »

S. Morissette

Header photo: Stéphanie Morissette & Imeka

Exhibition photos: François Lafrance