Sporobole provides artist Thomas Watson the opportunity to experiment with three prototype works for virtual reality headphones in a test bench to evaluate the public’s reception and reaction. Very close to sculptural and spatial practices, the artist’s works were produced in 2019 in our production laboratories in collaboration with 0/1 Hub numérique Estrie. They offer a perspective on the relationships between materiality and virtuality in an immersive context.


Gasmask, Bell, Spoons are three distinct but thematically related VR art works that highlight the interconnected relationship between humans and the material world. The objects I chose to scan are disruptive to the material and social flow in the world of things as they exemplify human creative capacity despite limited means or access to machines. Each work will explore different aspects of the fidelity of experience and depth of immersion possible when combining photogrammetry scanned 3D models of real-world objects with room scale VR.


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.