ASME present Anaconda duo / Hack Sabbath

Anaconda will animate Sporobole’s space with the rites of the Sabbath hack. This is a performance that reminds us as much of the occult ceremony as of the nightclub experience. Sarcasm, mystery and festivity meet in a misty place where the colourful lighting reveals a shelter reminiscent of the Amerindian tipi. Around and inside this construction, two protagonists – saucy shamans and lycanthropes – are engaged in strange acts before punctuating an electronic and meditative soundtrack and guiding / diverting the spectator during a grotesque bacchanal. In a sensory chaos where discoid noise, strobes, transvestites and confetti are mixed, a communion both real and vaudeville takes place and can blur boundaries, roles and inhibitions.

Anaconda presents itself as an entity with two faces: one performative and the other musical. The duo of Jean-François Leboeuf and Benjamin Tremblay is interested in codes and figures from various aspects of popular culture. It appropriates and disguises well-known elements: musical styles (industrial, doom metal, electronic disco…) and stereotyped characters (druid, rocker, Amerindian…). The public can recognize these popular elements while being captivated by the result of the reinterpretation process, often playful and grotesque.

ASME // Sound arts and experimental music

Sporobole presents a series of three sound performances programmed by the ASME collective. This special program wishes to highlight the importance of the context and venue in the listening and interpretation of experimental music and sound arts. It is through a transdisciplinary approach that combines visual arts, sound arts, experimental music and performance and by using different formal, installation and contextual strategies that the guest artists and the ASME collective wish to bring to the forefront certain issues that emerge more naturally from visual arts than from sound arts and experimental music. In a way, it is a question of operating the principles of aesthetic distancing specific to the processes of representation of visual and media arts in the world of experimental music and sound arts, which are often closer to the modalities of presentation of the performing arts.

The ASME collective is composed of Philippe-Aubert Gauthier, Éric Desmarais, Olivier Doutres and Tanya St-Pierre

The project was supported by the Canada Council for the Arts


The performance will be followed by the Christmas party with DJ Ta Gueule!, DJ Nowel contemporain alias TSTP, DJ Kalabrese and DJ Folie Furieuse / Abitek Soundsystem.

Photos : Jocelyn Riendeau

Video: Gaétan Desmarais