Residency program for the virtual immersive sound space, Guillaume Cliche


As part of his residency, Guillaume Cliche proposes to question the alteration of the sound environment inhabited by the place of creation. Through virtual “lenses” that distort auditory perception, he wishes to provoke the metamorphosis of matter in a procedural sound composition entitled Total Reflection


Over the years, the artist has been inspired by the poetic force of Einstürzende Neubauten’s performances and the more concrete and heterogeneous approach of composer Hanna Hartman to integrate vocal elements into his practice. One of her goals here is to further develop the techniques of music writing related to the use of algorithms in a formal framework that is both abrasive and measured. In addition, Cliche wishes to initiate research into the perceptual distortions that virtual reality allows. Working mainly with synthesized sounds and voice recordings, but also with environments and places that surround him, he intends to translate into sound an identity that reflects the singular context of the state of the place where he is located. In sum, the artist’s residency explores the expressionist interpretation of the relationship between the state of real things that surround us and the radiation of the sublimated layers that we annex to reality.