Griche, the compilation

Sporobole is pleased to welcome Sylvain Aubé, sound artist and creator of electronic and experimental music, for the launch of Griche, the compilation, a project that brings together the work of several artists, some of whom have been in residence in our sound studio!


Griche is primarily a podcast that presents interviews with audio artists once a month. This year, Griche also turns into a compilation that compiles on a vinyl record – the format preferred by music lovers – unreleased pieces created by the original 12 guests.

This compilation is a sound portrait of a certain community, and is in fact a story about 12 artists, brought together by an interviewer  (who also wrote the sound theme of the show). It is also a continuum between entirely improvised music and strict composition. Although all these artists put aside traditional rhythm, melody and harmony, the pieces maintain a certain unity by exploring the different complementary facets of experimental music: field recording, noise, contemporary music, electronic or ambient. Note that this community also includes representatives from labels such as Tour de Bras, Jeunesse Cosmique and Archive officielle, as well as published local artists such as Érick d’Orion and France Jobin.

The project is entirely independent, with a 180g deluxe vinyl edition, limited to 200 hand-numbered copies. A beautiful artistic object to collect!

*Please note that the previous text is an unedited automatic translation and is intended for accessibility purposes only


List of the artists:

  •  Béchard Hudon
  •  Éric Normand
  •  Magali Babin
  •  Black Givre (Samuel Bobony)
  •  Érick D’Orion
  •  Hazy Montagne Mystique (Chittakone Baccam)
  •  Hélène Prévost
  •  Philippe-Aubert Gauthier
  •  France Jobin
  •  Erin Gee
  •  Samuel Mercure
  •  Yves Daoust 


Header photo credit : Catherine Béchard

Artists’ photo credits : James Schidlowsky_OBORO