Christopher Varady-Szabo will be artist-in-residence for the three weeks prior to the exhibition that will take place on May 26th at 5 p.m. The public will be invited to take part in the production of the work.

Project Description

“Until now, my artistic practice has mainly been composed of in situ works. My sculptures and installations are informed by architectural structures made out of natural materials such as earth, branches and straw. I borrow and adapt primary and authentic traditional construction methods. Air, water, fire, as well as living organisms (animal and vegetal) also compose the works as dynamic elements. For the most part, my sculptural works are created in the context of artist residencies and symposiums.

In my artistic process, I explore concepts of habitat, architectural systems and archetypal symbolism to create ephemeral installations both to reveal the relationship between the living and the environment, and to reactivate de “primary space” as a manner of considering life in an instinctive approach.

I attach great importance to the process and my projects have a human scale. I create spaces that call for the experimentation of singular sensations. Recently, I have added an interactive component as the public in invited to construct or interact with the completed work.

My artistic practice illuminates the numerous analogies between the territory, the architecture, citizens and their habitats. I combine these elements to explore the influence of different cultural and physical environments on our perception of the world that surrounds us.”

Performance by Alex-Ann Boucher during the opening of the exhibition on May 26th


Photographies : Tanya St-Pierre