Lucas LaRochelle

Lucas LaRochelle [they] is a designer and researcher whose work is concerned with queer and trans digital cultures, community-based archiving, and artificial intelligence. They are the founder of Queering The Map, a community generated counter-mapping project for digitally archiving LGBTQ2IA+ experience in relation to physical space.

They have lectured, facilitated, and exhibited internationally including at: the Guggenheim Museum (New York City); PHI Center (Montreal, Quebec), Gallery Tata (Tokyo, Japan); arc en rêve (Bordeaux, France); Digital Writers Festival (Melbourne, Australia); MUTEK (Montreal, Quebec); Ars Electronica & LINZ FMR Festival (Linz, Austria); Somerset House (London, England); Onomatopee Projects (Eindhoven, Netherlands); fanfare (Amsterdam, Netherlands). They have published widely, a variety of paper and online contexts: Dreaming Beyond AI; Network Imaginaries; Futuress; MIT’s Immerse; Queer Sites in Global Contexts; Atlas Menor #1; QUEER.ARCHIVE.WORK #3; Diagrams of Power; and Perfect Strangers. In 2023, was awarded an Honorary Mention for the Prix Ars Electronica in the Artificial Intelligence and Life Art category.